Photography, art and writing were the reasons that Sparrow's Eye View was formed. Both of us have a very strong creative spirit. Below are publications that we have completed and projects that we are currently working on.

The Story Tellers - The Art of Michael and Amy Brinkley
This publication includes most of the art you will find on this site.

Memories From Behind the Iron Curtain - Inge Raha Govern
The incredible true story of a family fleeing the horrors of WWII in Germany.

Conversations of the Tao - Michael Brinkley
For years I have been fascinated with ancient Chinese teachings. Conversations of the Tao is an online attempt to put my understandings of the Tao Te Ching into a western style of learning. This is not a direct translation of the ancient text, but rather my way of explaining what I have learned. What you will find here is the very first draft complete with all typos, mispellings and incorrect grammer. It is an ongoing project. Feel free to leave feedback on each chapter if you wish. I hope you enjoy the stories.

A Sparrow's Eye View - The Photography of Amy Brinkley
This work should be complete very soon. We will make an announcement on this site when it is complete. Some of the photographs you see on this site are included in the book, plus a whole lot more.

Soul Bound - Michael Brinkley
She lost her family. She lost her innocence. What she found was way beyond her wildest dreams. We do not have a potential release for this fantasy novel yet. We are still working on the first draft.

Realistic Portraits: Anyone Can Do Them - Michael Brinkley
This art instruction book takes a different approach to teach the techniques of drawing. Learn what the human eye really sees and then you can translate that into graphite. This work is currently in development and should be completed within the next year.

Retribution - Michael Brinkley
We wrote this screenplay as an entry into Project Greenlight. It is a psychological thriller that deals with sisters and what they will sacrifice in order to protect each other.

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