This has become a hobby more than anything. Ever since I started working in the computer industry in 1995, I have wanted to develop computer games. There were a couple of times when friends and I got together with grand plans that never seemed to come through. This winter I had a little free time on my hands, so I decided to see what I could do on my own.

Think Pink is my first attempt at game programming. It was never intended to be distributed and is offered here only as a mindless diversion. It is a simple maze with a few rather interesting logic puzzles. Feel free to download and play this game. But remember, this is a freebie, no one should ever get any money for this game.

Flip Out! is the game that is now in BETA. If you download this game you should realize that it is not complete and you install it at your own risk. However, if you would like to assist me in the BETA test process, I welcome all advice, suggestions and technical concerns. Remember the old arcade game Breakout? Well....this ain't it! Add a couple of degrees of difficulty and throw in a space shooter and you are coming close to what Flip Out! is all about.

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